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Mission Statement


Paws & Claws Pet Bakery LLC, hand-bakes, in small batches, all human grade ingredient, and premium dog treats called P&C Treats in Plainville, Connecticut. 

Paws & Claws Treats come in a unique artisan shapes, made from special recipes, and tastefully packaged in attractive tins & bags.

From the beginning, the founders sought to create dog treats with nothing but the highest quality all-natural ingredients and to package them in such a way as to give dog owners a reason to keep their dog treats on the counter, in the open, next to the human cookie jar and spices.

At the core of what Paws & Claws Pet Bakery, LLC stands for is the unyielding position that; every ingredient must serve a positive nutritional purpose; the shape and texture of the treat must have a hygienic utility; and above all the Paws & Claws Treats must be tasty and fun for all dogs.

We at Paws & Claws Pet Bakery, LLC believe because our dogs give us their best every day we should want nothing but the best for them in return. We asked ourselves, "If they were giving us a treat, what would they do?" The answer to that question was simple.

We know they would give us only the very best. With this in mind, and thoughtfully taking into account what is best for the canine digestive system and diet we make our Paws & Claws Treats with no corn, or soy. 

They have no added salt or sugar and never, ever, any additives, preservatives or fillers. Paws & Claws 

Treats are high in protein and have almost half the crude fat of most other treats. 

The original recipe is completely meat by-product free. We at Paws & Claws have our dog Ariel with us at work, at home, and at play.

We will never compromise in the position that Paws & Claws Treats must be pure natural goodness from only the highest quality ingredients available. That is our story. Cheers and Enjoy.